My name is Robert Botchek and I enjoy doing a combination of business/strategic consulting and hands-on engineering work. This site is a playground of sorts where I occasionally post things of interest. Hi. Please feel free to contact me.

About Me

I’ve been blessed to have participated materially in three successful startups: Trantor Systems Ltd, Electric Gravity, and Tableau LLC. My background is in engineering, and over the years I’ve learned a thing or two about running successful, values-based businesses. Please visit my LinkedIn profile if you would like to learn more.

About Hypothium

Hypothium LLC is the legal entity through which I do a variety of consulting work. When I set up Hypothium LLC I was looking for an open-ended name that could convey thoughtfulness and possibility. I also wanted something that would be “trademark clear”. I don’t remember what gave me the idea for Hypothium originally, but I liked the elemental ring to it. Given that it didn’t seem like a particularly creative name I was surprised to find very, very few references to the word “hypothium”. In fact, the only meaningful reference dates back to a single physics-oriented paper from the 1960’s in which the name “Hypothium” was a stand-in for a radioactive element with hypothetical properties, hence the elemental-looking “Hy” logo.

The Pictures on This Site

The pictures used in the header/banner near the top of each page are my own. I enjoy photography and figure that these pictures are as meaningful as any other banner I could splash across the top of each page. I enjoy looking at them and hope you do, too.